Collective photography exhibition which brings together sixty-one photographers from different generations (teachers and students) that have formed part of the school EFTI over the years. Now, they share space and time to offer a panoramic view of the transformation of the language of photography in recent decades. It puts the spotlight on the diversity and heterogeneity of a language which, far from being threatened, is effervescent with vitality. The photography of the 21st century is not stagnant. Genres bleed into each other and the technical tools are almost endless, but above all, we understand that there is no single way of looking. The exhibition features National Photography Award winners (including Alberto García-Alix, Isabel Muñoz and Cristina Garcia Rodero), photographers from big agencies like MAGNUM and international figures that have passed through the EFTI school of photography over its 30 years in existence.

Modos de Mirar
Centro Cultural Conde Duque
30 May – 28 October 2018

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Centro Cultural Conde Duque
ABC Cultural
La Vanguardia
El País
Antena 3
Exit-Express: Miradas de EFTI
Agenda EFTI