Laura San Segundo (1990, Spain) is an artist based in Madrid. Her oeuvre draws on the ideas, feelings and perceptions that a concept, an experience, an observation or the interstices between different images can trigger; focusing not on particular stories, but intuitively reflecting on space, time, materiality and the narrative or metaphorical potential of the everyday, with numerous references to the history of art and the European painting traditions. She is currently a doctoral researcher in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she holds a BA in Fine Arts, and lecturer at EFTI, where she was awarded with a scholarship to study a Masters Degree in Photography, completed in 2016 with distinction.

Her work has been exhibited in art institutions, galleries and fairs as the Centro Para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura (Guimarães), Galería Cero (Madrid), Doomed Gallery (London), Matadero (Madrid), Casa Décor (Madrid), Palacio de las Alhajas (Madrid) or Conde Duque Cultural Centre (Madrid); and she has taken part in festivals like PhotoEspaña, Serpentine Galleries 89+Marathon (London), Encontros da Imagen (Braga), JustMAD (Madrid), Santander Photo (Santander), Fotonoviembre (Tenerife), DOCfield (Barcelona) or the CNA Portfolio Days & Night (Luxembourg). In the last years, she has been the recipient of the Blank Paper Photobook scholarship (2017), an internship in the Publications Service of the National Library of Spain (2017), the Spain Ministry of Culture FormARTE scholarship to be an artist-in-residence at the Spanish College in Paris (2018), the Community of Madrid International Residency grant to complete a project at SÍM Reykjavík and, more recently, the VEGAP’s production grant.