House, triangle, heart is a surreal self-portrait where different elements converge through symbolic and odd relationships that transform the representation into a fiction filtered by the language of dreams, whose thinking mechanisms lead to an illogical succession of images, ideas and feelings and the perception of an unreal yet familiar space and time.

The interrelation between the staged photographs where I appear multiplied as different characters that interact with each other –subtly revealing the relationship with myself – and the black and white photographs of different places creates a scenery suspended in time where the hallucinations, the ghosts and the obsessions merge in a strange and enigmatic atmosphere.

This project is a personal and playful exploration to understand my own emotional coordinates and register a particular time in my life, using the fictional and the metaphorical to talk about myself in a poetic but visceral way.

Project financed by FormARTE Scholarship of Photography. Collège d’Espagne, Paris. Ministry of Culture of Spain.

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