House, triangle, heart is surreal self-portrait where I use the logic and language of dreams to symbolically convey who I am, how I relate to myself and what I am afraid of, through the interrelation between a series of staged photographs where I appear multiplied as different characters that interact with each other, and black and white photographs of different places that create the atmosphere of a space that is not real or unreal, but unconscious.

With a resemblance to the Renaissance portraiture codes –simply characterized interior, horizontal element at the bottom and the aim of suggesting the inner psychology or state of mind of the sitter–, this project is a personal but playful exploration that also echoes the surreal worlds that female artists as Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington or Maya Deren once created to talk about themselves in a poetic but visceral way.

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Project financed by FormARTE Scholarship of Photography. Collège d’Espagne, Paris. Ministry of Culture of Spain.