One can only give examples of it is an ongoing project that I started in 20I8 during a residency in Paris with the support of the FormARTE Scholarship of Photography and that I am now concluding at SÍM residency in Reykjavík with the support of the Community of Madrid International Residency Grant.

It will be a series of still and moving images inspired by a neologism coined by cubist, dadaist and conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968): the infrathin; a notion with no conceptual definition that, as he said, can only be explained by examples of it, like the warmth of a seat which has just been left or when the tobacco smoke smells also of the mouth which exhales it. Examples that reveal a sensibility to the subtle differences and the non-retinal.

The aim of this project is to translate my own examples of the infrathin to visual representations, answering with images to the questions that arise from it: how to represent the emptiness, the absence, the subtlest gestures, the transformations, the impermanence of matter and the transience, what happens when nothing happens or what is left after something has happened; considering the passage of time, the poetic uses of the visual language, the perception of tension and the representation of the space and the objects through their absence or their projection.