Soberanía visual (Visual sovereignty) is a book by María Acaso and Clara Megías that reflects on how images build ways of life: our ways of life. Without us being aware of it, at the origin of many of our moods, expectations and resignations are the messages that they transmit to us. The images are, therefore, devices of power, tools that generate mechanisms of authority, fundamentally in ourselves. Taking charge of this power, they have started from the concept of food sovereignty to take it towards the consumption of images: if food sovereignty consists of the right to decide how we eat, visual sovereignty consists of the right to decide our own visual products consumption system. Based on the concepts of consciousness, self-management and visual self-care, as well as what they have called “intersectional semiotics”, explicitly addressing the axes of gender, race and class, this book constitutes a guide to learn to self-manage the images that we consume so that we are the ones who decide on the images and that they are not the ones who decide for us.
Authors: María Acaso & Clara Megías
Editorial: Paidós
Language: Spanish
Publication date: 2022
ISBN: 978-84-493-4020-8