`[…] if someone had asked him his own name or any trait of his previous life, he would not have been able to answer´. Jorge Luis Borges, The Circular Ruins, 1940

In Jorge Luis Borges’ story ‘The Circular Ruins’, a man arrives at the ruins of a temple in the jungle –the circular enclosure– with the supernatural purpose of creating another man piece by piece in dreams, only to realize in the end that he is also the product of someone else’s dream. As in Borges’s story, dream and reality overlap in my project, a series of images where the time has somehow been suspended. Without a possible narrative, what remains is the confusing sense that what we see does not seem real but unconscious. These images work as sediments with no spatial or temporal connection that meet in another place or accumulate in a crevice after being carried by the same river.

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I am currently working on a photobook of this project with the support of VEGAP’s production grants.